Make $2,000 Per Month Recording 20 License Plates

I am always looking for ways to earn money therefore I come across a lot of different opportunities. I am always willing to hear someone out, not that I will participate but I like to know what is out there so I can pass it along and learn more about the world of business.

However, I found a opportunity that I wanted to pass along because I think that it could be HUGE. So take it or leave it doesn't really matter as I have nothing in it but my nose. LOL

So there is a new affiliate opportunity that pays you for recording license plate numbers. The best thing of all is that this business opportunity is free to join! And that is why I like it…zero risk.

Now, I don't remember exactly how the compensation plan works but the deal is that you record 20 license plate numbers while you are at Walmart, in your neighborhood, at the mall etc and then enter those plate numbers to the Internet. Then they pay you for the information. The more people that you encourage to record the plate numbers the more money that you make. Make sense?

Why Does D.N.A. Pays You?

So why would, Data Network Affiliates, pay you for license plate information?

Data Network Affiliates takes the information that you record and sells it to companies that do demographic research, Amber Alert, Police Stations, businesses, Google etc and make a kill'in off of your recording skills.

So again I thought that I would let you in on the opportunity and if you want to learn more about the information contact,

Her name is Laurima Stovell and she is the woman who first mentored me in business. She will be able to answer all of your questions…but what is the risk.

With your success in mind,

Steven Roddy

The Marketing Model

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