A Step By Step Strategy for Marketing Articles

Article marketing, if done properly, can build an online business exponentially. While if it is not done correctly, can break the business. This is a strong statement but if one really understands the importance of writing articles and marketing articles, then there is a great deal of truth in it. If one follows the following 4 step strategy, one will never go wrong in article marketing.

Step 1: Publish the Article in a Popular Article Directory

The first step is to increase the visibility of the article by posting it to a popular article directory. One must also post the article in other directories. When prospects search for information on Google and other search engines, they will be shown information from these article directories. If the article is relevant and has the necessary keywords, then it will appear at a good position in the search results.

Step 2: Use the Resource Box to Link the Article to the Site

The second step is to direct the reader of your article from the article directory to the website. This is done through the resource box at the end of the article. The resource box contains the details of the author, a brief bio about the author’s expertise in the area and possibly an incentive for the reader to visit the site. The incentive might be in the form of a free gift or more valuable information. Most article directories have a provision for writing an extended profile of the author. This space must be used effectively since many readers would go through the profile before visiting the website.

Step 3: Capture the Contact Info with an Opt In Box

Once the reader pays a visit to the site, one must ensure that one notes his name and email id at least. Do not lose the visitor just because he visited the site only once. Make sure one has a well designed opt-in box which will attract the visitor to leave his email id. Many marketers offer a free gift like an e-book to entice visitors to fill in the opt-in box.

Step 4: Promote the Article Link using Social Media

One of the key ingredients in an online marketing strategy is to develop a personal brand. This is most easily done through social media where one has a group of followers and friends. Whenever one publishes an article online, one could share the link with friends so that one gets traffic for the article and also for the site.

Following the above 4 step strategy will ensure that one is making the articles count in the online marketing efforts.

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One Response to “A Step By Step Strategy for Marketing Articles”

  1. jackwills Says:

    Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

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