Great Search Marketing Reading I HAD To Share

Those of you who follow my writing know that I’m a bookworm. And just as I’m frequently lending books to friends (or thrusting them at their faces while ordering them to “read this,” as the case may be) I like to share great posts, resources and other items I find around the blogosphere.

Real quickly before I get into that, I’d just like to mention I’m giving away a copy of The Knack. It’s an excellent business book by Bo Burlingham and Norm Brodsky, who write for Inc magazine, and should be required reading for all the entrepreneurs, consultants and others in the web business.

Anyways, here’s some other great reading I’ve found online:

Conversion & Sales:

Also, a miscellaneous thought on sales, for other SEO professionals. It’s longer than a tweet, but too short for its own post, hence me slipping it in here.

In poker, you have something I call the ‘threshold raise’ – the raise that hovers around the threshold where people with weaker hands will still feel comfortable with the risk. It’s not determined rationally, but it’s a function of the context – what the rest of the game’s bids are like.

In sales, you have the same threshold of risk operating for pricing. There seems to be a price range between $1000 – $3000 of acceptable risk. That’s where people are willing to try you for a test campaign, and aren’t too paranoid about the risk. Offering your first service around that range makes it easy to say yes. If you have experiences similar/different to that, feel free to chime in.

Link Building:

Misc SEO:


Gab Goldenberg wrote this on behalf of Red Fly Marketing,one of Dublin’s finest marketing companies, featuring search friendly Irish web design and search engine optimisation.

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  1. jackwills Says:

    Don’t cry over spilt milk.

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